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Baby Gill's Name

 October 12, 2010

We thought we'd entertain you with our top 10 list of names that we will not be naming our son.  This is a recap from Chris's status updates from those of you who missed out.

10. Guppie Gill - When I was pregnant with Samantha, I ran this by my mom as a possibility.  She said, "oh, that's nice."  So polite mom, but yes it was a joke!

9. Dilbert Gill

8. Ichabod Gill-Some people still use that name.  Can you believe that?

7. Finley Gill or "Fin" for short...A fine Scottish name, but a little too fishy when paired with our last name.

6. Gilbert Gill

5. Gilligan Gill (that doesn't mean we've disqualified him from being named Skipper or Mr. Howell)

4. Zaccheaus Gill....sorry Samantha.  I know he'll be a wee little man and all.  She also thinks Mouse is a good name.

3. Apple Mac Gill - though that might change if we get a letter from Apple saying we can get a new laptop every 3 years for the rest of our lives if we give our son this name.  However, Renea thinks it sounds like a McDonalds special burger.  Along with this we considered Mac Gill---very Scottish sounding, eh?

2. Bill/Will/Jill/Phil/Lil/Neil/Seal/Teal/ or even Zeal!  Not that any of those are bad.  Of course nothing wrong with Bill except that when you add the surname it sounds like a Quentin Taratino movie.

And the number 1 name we won't name our son...

1. BB Q. Gill

Thanks to everyone for playing.

And alas, what is Baby Gill's name?

Eli Timothy Gill....Eli means highest, Timothy means God's honour.  We truly believe that having a child is God's highest honour, and we pray that He will grow strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

Samantha has named him Eli Timothy Gill Mouse.  It was quite complex figuring out what exactly that meant.  Finally while reading her Dumbo book we realized that the Mouse's name is Timothy Mouse.  So whenever Samantha says his name, she adds the mouse.  What a nickname for the wee guy.  Sorry bub...welcome to being a little brother!

7 more weeks until his due date.  We can hardly wait!

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