Wednesday, 30 May 2012

When Overcome by Chaos and Clutter

August 13, 2011

Reading this really blessed me this morning....I'm sure many of you can relate!

Meditation on Psalm 57 by Pamela J. Kennedy from the book Songs from a Mother's Heart

Have mercy on me, O God,
   have mercy on me,
      for in You I am safe and protected.

I need to get away to a quiet place,
   to find some moments of solitude.

I feel like I am singking in a sea of needs,
   overwhelmed by the demands on my time.
Crying babies, messy rooms
   runny noses and dirty diapers
      meals and dishes and dust
         fill my minutes, hours, and days.

Somewhere in the middle of it all,
   I think I lost myself.
      I can't escape all the demands,
         but I can't meet them either.

Could you show me Yourself in the midst of my mess, Jesus?
Would you illuminate me with Your love and faithfulness?

I know You are higher than the piles of laundry,
   deeper than the ground-in dirt.
Your song is louder than a baby's cry,
   and Your love more insistent than a whining child.

I just feel trapped right now, caught
   in mind and body of motherhood's unbreakable nets.

Fix my heart on You, my Lord.
Open my ears to the music of Your Spirit within me.

Strengthen my grip on Your vision for my life
   so I can see the mundane
      through the lens of eternity.
This hectic time will pass
      and children will too soon be gone,
   and quiet, peacefull days will fill my weeks.

I will thank You even in the chaos of my world today
   and sing Your praises louder than the din around me.
Your love cannot be covered up with clutter, God,
   for You are greater than whatever hems me in.

Change my focus to Your focus
   and set my  mind on finding joy in little things.
Help me search for times when You and I can talk
   even if it's over sinks of dirty pans.

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