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Resting in His Arms

June 18, 2011 

My favourite time with my 7 month old son is the last feed of the night.  You see my daughter was a big cuddly baby and was happy to snuggle with me all the time, but Eli is just a different story.  He is an absolute joy and loves to laugh, but cuddling is just not his thing.  So I find myself treasuring the small moments when he just rests in my arms and lets his head fall upon my shoulder.  It's honestly the best feeling in the world.  To hold something so precious and priceless, well there's just no real words to describe it.

The last feeding of the night is the one where I wake him up, feed him, and he quickly goes right back to sleep (well hopefully and usually anyhow.)  So after he is fed, he is just a big cuddle bug and places his wee head right down on my shoulder.  This is the one time in my day when I just get to hold him close and treasure the fleeting moments that are all too quickly passing by as he grows.  He doesn't need anything.  He makes no demands.  He just rests his head on my shoulder in the quiet confidence that Mommy is going to take care of him.  He is not worried or anxious. No wiggling and squirming...he is just still,  and I just get to be with him.

And you know what, as a parent, this blesses me beyond words because there is very little time in my day when someone isn't needing or wanting something from me.  Life with young children can be stressful because they are always demanding something more.  As a parent, you give and give and give.  You try to make the moments memorable and to bless your children.  And sometimes it's just downright frustrating because the moments when they are just thankful and content and at rest can sometimes seem few and far between.

And tonight as I was holding my baby boy in my arms.  I just remembered how blessed I am to have Him.  I was blessed in his resting in my arms, no demands, no worries.  He was just at peace.

And I began to thank God for my little boy and the blessing He is and the blessing he will be to not only me but to the world.

And I felt God's gentle voice nudging me and saying, "You know, it blesses me when you just rest in me. When you come to me with no demands, no anxieties, no squirming and wiggling. You just trust that Daddy is going to take care of you. You are even more priceless and precious to me, and I love it when I just get to be with you."

And I remembered how many times today I prayed, Lord could you just need....And I realized the times that I have just been thankful and content and at rest have been few and far between.  Father forgive me....

Don't get me wrong, God is concerned with our needs, and He knows them and has already worked a way to meet them.  But how much could we bless His heart if we could just lay them down and trust that He is in control.  If we could just rest and be at peace.  In doing that, not only does it give us peace, but I truly believe that it blesses God's heart even more than my evening snuggle with my little man.

So right now, if only for a moment, can you just rest in Him.  Lay down your worries and stop demanding anything of God and rest your tired head on the Father's strong shoulders and find peace and contentment in His arms.  I promise it will bless His heart, and you'll be blessed too.

Psalm 46:10 -Be still, and know that I am God.

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