Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wish I Could Do More

November 10, 2008

Ever wished you could do more to help someone?

I wish I could do more to help my sick little one get better. There are only a few things that I can do, but it is really in God's hands. It's been tough being sick and playing the "good wife" and "good Mommy" at the same time. (Chris and I are both sick too.) At least we're all starting to feeling better.

But the real inspiration for this note comes from something I saw on the street as I walked to the grocery store today. There was a young mother and her little daughter (probably 2 years old or so) sitting on the street. There was a small little cup beside them for people to give money. The cup was empty.

Normally I don't give to beggars as I never really know who honestly needs help and who is just scamming and playing on people's sympathy. Somehow, I just felt the legitimate need coming from this couple. I think I have seen them before and wanted to help them, but I wasn't sure if they were asking for money in the coffee cup or if they were just resting, so I didn't do anything b/c I didn't want to embarrass them if they were just sitting there.

Anyhow, I wanted to help so badly. I was actually in tears, literally, at the thought of this mother, and especially this little girl, out in the cold through the winter. At least the girl was wrapped in a big jacket and sleeping peacefully in her mother's arms.

So as I purchased my fruit from the fruit stand, I bought some extra and hoped I would see them on my way home. I approached them and gave the mother a small bag of fruit. So little, but at least I knew they would have something to eat today. The cup was still empty.

I could not talk to them as my Hungarian is too limited to understand a conversation about their needs. I felt so inadequate to meet their needs at all. All I could do was weep, and pray for God to meet their needs and help them. I wish I could have done more. I wonder if I should have given them more food or given them money. I just don't know.

But I do know one who loves them and weeps for them even more than I. I pray that God will give them shelter and food.

It made me realize that my little problem of nursing a sick child, self, and husband is really not so large a problem. I am blessed with a warm home and money for food to feed my family. I wish I could give as much to this couple. I find myself asking, Lord, how can I help? How can I do more?

But for now, I just have to say, I did what I could for the moment. And if everyone who goes by would take a little time to care for them and help them out. Just maybe all the little that we do, can really make a big difference.

Just wanted to share my thoughts. Lord teach us to do what we can with what we have. Give us wisdom to see where we can help and where we can do more.

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