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Big Girl Beds and Baby Kicks

June 13, 2010

Hey everyone,

We spend years listening to people say, "They grow up too fast," but not until you are a parent do you really understand it. Last night I tucked our wee lassie into her very first big girl bed. The crib has been dismantled, and in it's place is this strange, wonderful, new bed. Samantha is absolutely thrilled to have her own bed. We've had it for over a week and every day she's been asking for Daddy to put it together. So in his first moment of time off, Chris got out the tools and made the switch. I was out for the morning and came back and my baby girl showed me that she's not so much a baby anymore.

She took her nap there yesterday and never once jumped out on me. Last night she went right on to bed as if it were no big deal. Of course, she did roll out three times during the night. Don't worry after the first fiasco we put the crib mattress down beside the bed to cushion her fall. The bed is supposed to have a rail, but I think it was missing an attachment, so we couldn't put it up. (We got the bed for free, so we're not complaining!)

I have to admit as I knelt beside that wee bed to say our nighttime prayers, I found myself quite misty eyed at how much this precious one has grown. The moments really fly by. I'm just so honored that God has given her to us. What an honor to have her in our lives. 

I have posted some photos on my page, so you can all be a part of this special moment.

In other news, yesterday we watched England play the USA in the world cup. The game was good, but that's not the most interesting part. Apparently Baby Bump got quite inspired from watching the match because he/she decided to have his/her own World Cup (that's soccer by the way) in my belly last night. I've thought I have felt the baby a few times, but thought it could be indigestion. But last night there was no doubt about it. Baby was in full effect and judging from the level of activity, we will surely have our hands full very soon. Samantha was always a big kicker too, but this was pretty amazing. Baby kicked so much even Dad felt it which is very rare this early. It was really amazing to once again be a part of one of God's special miracles! How thankful we are to be chosen as parents!

I hope you enjoyed the little tales from this side of the pond. We love you all and think of you loads and loads. We miss you dearly and hope this letter finds you healthy and happy.

Much love,
                                  Samantha in her new bed!

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