Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Slaying the Giants

March 4, 2009

As a family, we find ourself facing Goliath, and some of his nasty cousins. This morning I awoke thinking about how David slew Goliath with 5 stones and a sling. I began wondering, what are the 5 stones I need right now. Here's what I feel like God showed me I needed. 

1. Faith to know that God can slay this giant.
2. Trust to believe he wants to bring us through.
3. Patience to wait on his timing (which I'd rather not have to do)
4. Endurance to not grow weary in the fight as we wait.
5. Hope that the future is great and worth the fight!

Maybe you too are facing a giant of your own. Perhaps you will find these words encouraging. Know you're not alone. God is standing beside you training your hands for war and shouting out his encouragement to stay in the battle until you have victory. Until then, do not grow weary in doing well, for in due season you will have your reward!

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